Klever Blockchain: A new paradigm in consolidating blockchain tools inside of the same ecosystem

Klever-apps or Kapps

Not being a closed ecosystem, but offering developers the chance to delevop applications that run on-chain, based on Klever, this expands possibilities considerably.

  • Swap assets on-chain
  • Mining of liquidity
  • LP or liquidity pools
  • Username and domain sale and registration
  • Digital identity, which can have thousands of uses in the context of social media
  • NFT marketplace. Think about the power that has in the context of gaming apps.
  • Loans and collaterals for other digital assets
  • Decentralized exchange. My favourite

Digital assets

The native token of Klever is KLV but, inside of the very same blockchain, additional assets can be created. This can be made by just anyone, for a certain price (now 10,000KLV)

  • DeFi Projects
  • Governance of a community through its tokens
  • Supply chain inventories
  • Loyalty programs of a shop or an airline
  • Gift or discount cards
  • Game assets giving additional powers for that game
  • Oficial documents
  • NFTs bound to artworks
  • Storing value in the chain
  • Make peer-to-peer payments using KLV
  • Pay fees in the chain: exchange, transfer, swaps, etc.
  • Staking
  • Provide liquidity to liquidity pools
  • Create the aforementioned digital assets on the chain
  • And, of course, run a node with owned or delegated tokens
KLV Token is the native Klever Token

Daily use tools

Klever comes with a complete set of daily use tools like:

  • Software wallet, both desktop and mobile
  • Klever marketplace for NFTs
  • Klever exchange
Install your Klever wallet today! :)

Validation services

This is worth some explanation. As we have shared on our previous medium article, the Klever validators testnet is ongoing.

Klever Validators Program is ongoing as of march 2022

Wrapping it:

Now that we have seen that Klever is not just a blockchain but an extremely complete and well thought ecosystem, it is time to point out its main advantages, some already available, others coming in the future according to the roadmap of the chain:

  • Fast development of new dapps. Dev tools are there.
  • The blockchain itself comes with ready-to-use tools. Secure, audited, complete.
  • APIs that can be integrated into non-blockchain projects that need blockchain functionality
  • No need to run a node as a developer, shorthening thus developing times. Those who master coding sometimes do not master Linux native or docker-bound containers.
  • Huge, global and growing community
  • Clearly traced roadmap
  • Team coming from non-blockchain industries, binding the ‘real’ world with the blockchain technology.



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