BitCanna invitational testnet: my own journey in a life changing project

3 min readJun 10, 2021


Well, we all know blockchain technology has been there for a while. In fact it has been there for over a decade.

But now, blockchain is getting used beyond speculation or as an economical asset. It is being used to ensure that, where trust, transparency and full freedom for economic transactions are needed, there is a technological way to do so.

BitCanna is in this sense revolutionizing the way the whole Canna value chain works. From product source assurance to payments. From quality valuation and grading to customer loyalty attraction. All of them, supported by one of the most widely used blockchain development environments: Cosmos.

BitCanna has recently launched its invitational testnet which, as it should be, is based on a a ranked path of tasks to be completed along different phases. The first one started last June 7th and, right after reading the docs, you have a clear idea of what and how has to be done.

For those not being familiarized with blockchain tech, basically transactions being made are ‘ledgered’ and signed to included in the different blocks (like the pages of a ledger book) where those transactions then become part of the blockchain.

But, what is needed for that? Cosmos comes to the rescue as a very well thought blockchain basic technology, to build any possible project on top of it. No more than a linux node (in this case with about 4 cores and 8GB RAM) is needed to get connected and running.

It is then each node that, depending on its voting power, signs more or less blocks, contributing to scale up and make the blockchain grow over time. In the case of BitCanna, every 5 seconds a new block, including the latest transactions, is produced. Who gets to produce it? Well, the more voting power a validator (block producer, like someone who is writing transactions in a ledger book) has, the more blocks that validator gets to produce.

There, the validator gets rewarded for doing so since, thanks to its contribution, the blockchain is signing and validating the transactions being made, based on that blockchain, helping to secure it and grow over time.

But, how can we then retrieve those rewards and bring them to other wallet, so that they can increase our voting power? This is shared since, according to the testnet BigDipper information, some validators seem to be not knowing that they have to do so:

#!/bin/bash echo “pwd” | bcnad tx distribution withdraw-all-rewards — from keyname — gas-prices=”0.005ubcna” — chain-id bitcanna-testnet-2 — yes BALANCE=$(bcna query bank balances bcnaaddress | grep “amount:” | sed ‘s/[⁰-9]*//g’) echo “Balance: $BALANCE” if [[ “$BALANCE” -gt “200000” ]] then echo “pwd” | bcna tx staking delegate bcnavaloper… “$BALANCE”ubcna— from keyname — yes — gas-prices=”0.005ubcna” — chain-id bitcanna-testnet-2 else echo “Balance: $BALANCE” fi

This testnet is well organized, offering its participants the needed docs and ensuring that the transition to mainnet will be smooth as it should be.

And all this for what? To be an active part of a project that, not just like those hyped crypto assets that we all know, applies blockchain technologies to a real use case and a growing industry.